Monday, September 19, 2011

New Jets Era To Begin Tuesday Night

Wow, has it been 15 years?

Are we finally getting to the good part of the new Jets?

They're actually playing hockey?

It's been a long wait since the Jets left in 1996. It feels like even a longer wait since the Atlanta Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg in June 2011.

But hockey is finally going to be played by the new Winnipeg Jets.

Albeit, it is a pre-season, split-squad game between the Jets and the Columbus Blue Jackets, who are coached by ex-Jet/ex-Moose Scott Arniel.

But Jets fans will finally get to witness the product that 13,000 people and more put their money towards during the Drive To 13,000 back in June.

Already there is a plethora of Jets paraphernalia and products out across the city, but the anticipation to finally see the team play cannot build anymore. It's reached a point.

Now that hockey is going to be played, the anticipation can start building again.

The anticipation of winning, growing, and getting to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The city of Winnipeg, once again, gets a chance to bring home hockey's highest prize - the Stanley Cup.

It's been 15 years since we could even try to bring home the Stanley Cup.

But this summer has made it feel even longer.

Still, the Jets are ready to take off this Tuesday and so is the entire city and province.

(Photos: Courtesy of Winnipeg Free Press)

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