Friday, May 4, 2012

Jets Offseason Needs & Wants Part 2

Jets first round pick, seventh overall, Mark Scheifele scoring his first career goal against the Toronto Maple Leafs on October 19th, 2011. 
Need #3: Elite Prospect
While the Jets have been stocked with a derth of first round talent since their poor finishes in Atlanta, none of the players in the Jets lineup can be said in the same breath as those of Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, or Jonathan Toews.

If the Jets want to follow in the footsteps of teams who have dredged the bottom of the league in futility and come out on top and won Stanley Cups because of their high position's in the draft, there needs to be a point where a top end, elite prospect falls into their hands.

Mark Scheifele was not even expected to go in the top ten of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft (was projected to go 21st overall) but ended up being a pick the Jets possibly want to play a second or third line role - not exactly what the Jets need at this point with the presence of Jim Slater, Patrice Cormier, and Tim Stapleton.

At the same time, there is the questions being asked of why they drafted Scheifele and not Sean Couturier who went on to have a great season and is having a decent playoffs with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Either an elite defenseman (Ryan Murray, although not going to be around at the Jets) or an elite centre (Alex Galcheynuk, but he will probably be gone by the Jets pick as well) is something that could help turn around the Jets fortune quicker.

Out of the staff writer's three mock drafts, the Jets ended up getting either defensemen Cody Ceci or Griffin Reinhart - a plus to be sure, but not what the Jets need immediate help with.  Their biggets need is depth up front.

Perhaps Kevin Cheveldayoff is hoping that the farm system will be able to produce a few second and third liners for next season to accompany the talent already in Winnipeg.

But, as always, draft positioning is all about crossing your fingers and hoping the player you need (not exactly want) is there when you are up at the podium.

For the Jets, there needs to a jersey with a name such as Murray or Galcheynuk on the back when they draft in a few months in Pittsburgh.

Want #3: Top Five Pick
Maybe the biggest stretch of the wants so far, but the Jets could use a top five selection if they want to make need #3 come to fruition.

However, the Jets would have to pay dearly to even get a shot at the top five prospects in the draft, most particularly Galneychuk (ranked fourth) and possibly Mikhail Grigorenko (ranked 3rd).

If the Jets want immediate help up front in a goal scorer, trading up for a top five pick would prove beneifical in their pursuit of the that, but at what price?

Currently, the Jets are quite deep on defense and may be able to move a piece - possibly Ron Hainsey, Brett Festerling, Randy Jones (though a UFA), or others to move up.  Picks would have to be traded as well - possibly second or third rounders.

A long shot since Cheveldayoff doesn't seem to want to roll the dice, it would be a big draft day surprise if the Jets did move up.

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