Friday, October 28, 2011

When Football & Hockey Collide

Last night in Philadelphia, the much maligned in the scoring department Winnipeg Jets had no problem scoring goals.

Their problem was they had more troubles keeping it out of their own net.

When everything was said and done, all four goalies were used and one of them was used twice and eventually got the win.

Ondrej Pavelec got to finish what he started in the Jets 9-8 win Thursday night and perhaps it was for the better of his ego.

If his ego could be shot anymore that it was after he allowed

Once again, the Jets found that their defense is young and still has some major flaws - as in blatant giveaways in the high slot and lazy defensive zone coverage around their own net.

And another four goal lead was squandered, however, luckily this time the offense was on board and provided some timely and quick goals to regain leads.

The Jets had leads of 5-1, 6-2, 8-7, and finally 9-8.

Biggest disappointment of the night was letting the Flyers back into the game with a 6-2 lead mid way through the second period.

Both teams answered the other team with five unanswered goals in the game - the Jets did it from 10:01 of the first to 4:39 of the second, while the Flyers did it from 14:11 of the second to 3:02 of the third.

Not only that, both teams combined for five goals in the first 4:31 of the third - the Flyers scoring three, the Jets two.

And wouldn't you know it, the winner comes with 1:06 left as captain Andrew Ladd wins it and ironically scores it against the goalie who said that Winnipeg was a terrible place to play, raise a family, and do anything at all in.

Pretty good night if you like scoring.

Terrible night if you're a goalie coach like Wade Flaherty.

Actually, I thought Pavelec looked alot like Flaherty. And not the Manitoba Moose Flaherty, but the NHL Flaherty who didn't have that much success.

And that is what happens when a hockey game starts and a football game breaks out.

The Blue Bombers got a touchdown, missed the convert but made up with a field goal, while the Eagles had to settle for a field goal and a rogue.

Let's hope that for the last six games of this road trip, the offense is still there and the goaltending can catch up.

Photo Couresty of Yahoo! Sports & Getty Images

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