Friday, October 7, 2011

Jets Remain True To Past; Recall Former AHLer Mick E. Moose To Be Jets Mascot

It would be crazy to think the Winnipeg Jets would veer in any other direction other than to support their past.

Once again, the Jets honoured the past that got them back into the NHL by naming former AHL Manitoba Moose mascot Mick E. Moose as their mascot.

Mick E. Moose is a fan favourite in Winnipeg since he appeared as the Moose mascot beginning in the 1996-97 IHL season for the Moose.

Now revamped out in Jets blue and grey, Mick E. Moose will continue to be a fan favourite in Winnipeg, a true tip of the Jets cap to their Winnipeg hockey past.

Jets brass also got their first look at newly acquired forward Brett MacLean Friday as they prepare for Sunday night's home opener.

MacLean didn't disappoint, scoring a goal in an inter-squad game.


  1. bring back benny!!!

  2. if they wont bring back our past with the jerseys at least give us benny!!!!

  3. Slapping a New Jersey and a set of Goggles on a irrelevant mascot is a class-less and cheap move. tisk-tisk, Oh well At least they didn't mess with Dancing Gabe. Go Jets Go