Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Regular Equipment Still Excites Jets Fans

When was the last time that a pair of pants or a helmet got NHL fans excited to see their team?

The answer to that would probably be: never.

Yet, photos posted by Blake Wheeler showing the new Jets pants and then later a photo showing Eric Fehr with a new white Jets helmet on has Jets fans buzzing about what the jerseys will look like still.

For the hardcores who are still out there trying to make different possible Jets jerseys, the best advice would be to stop.

So perhaps the Jets think it's best to release, bit by bit to entice fans all the more.

With True North at the helm, baiting all the fans is just a part of their job, to make sure the fans are hungry for more.

And if the fans are hungry for more, the profits will definitely keep coming in.

Next on the list: a Jets jock and elbow pads.

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