Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jets Get Short End of Stick With TSN National Broadcasting; Getting More National Coverage on CBC

After signing in on an agreement that would have TSN be the broadcaster of Jets back in Winnipeg, TSN has announced their TV schedule and have alot of Canadian content.

However, TSN is only going to be broadcasting five Jets games this season.

Compare that to seven Toronto games, 15 Montreal games, and 10 Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver games.

In those five games on TSN, the Jets face the Chicago Blackhawks on October 13th, the Toronto Maple Leafs on October 19th, the Montreal Canadiens on January 4th, the Boston Bruins on February 17th, and the New York Rangers on March 28th.

Though local Winnipeg radio station SportsRadio 1290 will be carrying all the Jets games via radio (with a play-by-play announcer still in the works), TSN did not deliver through with Jets games as possibly figured.

However, CBC picked up the tab and are broadcasting 21 Jets games, mostly on Saturday night's Hockey Night In Canada, including the home opener between the Montreal Canadiens and Jets and their Sunday, February 5th meeting in Montreal.

The Jets will also make an appearance on Versus Monday, February 5th when they host the Buffalo Sabres and on the US NHL Network for their home opener and again on Saturday, February 11th when they visit Sidney Crosby's Pittsburgh Penguins as part of Hockey Day In Canada.

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