Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Will Bogosian Want Cogliano Money?

Taking a look at the recent signing of Anaheim Ducks forward Andrew Cogliano, it seems that the Jets are doing rather well so far when it comes to signing their younger players.

Blake Wheeler has a cap hit of $2.45 million and $2.65 million per. Compare that to Ducks Cogliano's newly inked contract of three years with cap hits of $2.15 million, $2.35 million, and $2.675 million per respectively.

Looking at the numbers of these two player in their careers, Wheeler, a former fifth overall pick in 2004, has 127 points in 244 career games, including a career high 45 points in his rookie season where he netted 21 goals.

Cogliano, a 25th overall pick in 2005, has 146 points in 328 games, including a career best 45 points in his rookie season as well.

Points per game wise, the contract to Wheeler wins out.

But looking ahead to a Zach Bogosian contract (and as previously stated the Jets may be looking for a contract similar to that of Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price), will he still be wanting between $2-$3.5 million if he hasn't put up the same number of points translated to a defenseman?

Looking at both Wheeler and Cogliano, Bogosian may ask for a contract into the Cogliano range, while the Jets may want to keep Bogosian somewhat in or below the Wheeler contract range.

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