Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time For More Jets Rumours

Five days after the official release of the Winnipeg Jets new logo and the Jets world is abuzz again with items different from the logo itself.

It seems that predictors and people in the media have moved on from the logo, having four days to digest it over a weekend of decent weather in Manitoba's capital.

Now on to other business.

So Nikolai Zherdev isn't signed. And he wants to play with the Jets. What about it?

Oh yeah, Teemu Selanne - that guy who scored 76 goals as a rookie in Winnipeg as a Jet - he's unsigned too.

And just for good measure, here's a potential leak of the new Jets jerseys.

Aside from two jersey leaks, one from EA Sports in their upcoming NHL 12 title, and from the rumours from the Winnipeg Sun's Ken Wiebe about the possibility of Zherdev coming Winnipeg, the Jets world isn't abuzz about much of anything.

Oh and the above jersey that Jet Dustin Byfulgien is wearing will not be the colour or style of the jersey - that's for sure. Until next season when the Jets move to the West and get a third jersey.

Once Zach Bogosian finally signs then there will be something worthwhile to talk about for another two or three days.

But just for good measure, let's keep up to date on all the Jets rumours.

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